Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Understanding the transaction process and how you fit in.

A transaction is a purchase that begins with a cardholder. The diagram below will help you better understand the role of MasterCard and the merchant in this transaction process. The transaction process is a series of purchases, beginning with the cardholder

Master card_process

Card Issuing Bank

Card Issuing Bank – The cardholder’s financial institution, also a licensed member of MasterCard


Cardholder – A consumer who is solicited, screened, and approved by the issuer who establishes a line of credit for the customer and issues the bankcard.


Merchant – Virtually any company that wants to accept cards for payment and that meets the qualification standards of MasterCard and an “acquirer”.


Acquirer – A licensed member of MasterCard that screens and accepts merchants into its bankcard programme, processes transactions, and completes financial settlement to them.


MasterCard Worldwide – We license our brand to member financial institutions that in turn provide services to consumers and merchants.

- complies with the rules for accepting MasterCard Cards.

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